By Kyla Windley & Edith Pan

This article is part of the PIT Policy Team’s broader series on Racial Justice and Diversity in the Tech Ecosystem. Find our introduction to the series here.

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The Endpoint Problem

I tiptoed into the kitchen for a snack, thinking “Who takes a Zoom call in the kitchen?” My parents and I were all adjusting to life in quarantine; my parents were adjusting to having a daughter back at home who needs to be fed at least twenty times a day. …

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Stanford’s PIT Lab is an interdisciplinary student-led organization focused on building a thoughtful community around public interest technology at Stanford. The Policy team at the PIT Lab, led by Stanford seniors Lauren Nolen and Jake Adams, will be regularly publishing pieces exploring pressing policy questions in the tech space. Over the next couple months, the team will be focusing on racial justice and technology.

Inspiration for the project

As the influence of tech companies has grown, there has been increasing public concern over how technology can both exacerbate and alleviate societal inequities. This is borne out of a recognition that these tools and platforms often prioritize shareholder returns, which is not always aligned with a positive impact on society. This team aims to help bridge this gap by exploring the steps that governments, businesses, and other institutions can take to ensure that technology is built with all people in mind, especially those who are at greater risk of being harmed by technological development. Every quarter, the team will spotlight one critical issue at the nexus of tech and the public good, with a specific focus on racial and economic justice. Over the course of ten weeks, we will explore this issue by researching current policies and conducting interviews with experts in the field. …

Stanford PIT Lab

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